The Waters We Swim In by Hillary Johnson

The Waters We Swim In is a global photography project consisting in black and white portraits of people immersed in water.

Each participant in the project is invited to experience a guided meditative, contemplative experience prior to entering the water. In the water we co-create a ritual of transformation. I hold space for each person I work with, for reconnecting each with what’s good in themselves and others; to the unique gifts they possess, which, when ignited, gives purpose and meaning to their lives.

After the experience, each participant selects a photograph which I print for them, which feels to them most meaningful and aligned with what they experienced. This photograph becomes a piece of evidence, a visual reminder of who they are, in their wholeness and beauty which helps support them through the travails of daily life.

Viewers of the work are called upon to discover their own sense of mutual belonging and interconnection rather than remaining isolated and incomprehensible strangers in an increasingly divisive world.

Much as Rothko sought an experience of healing in the act of painting and in the moments in which the viewer is in communion with the work, I have similar hopes for this body of work. That contact with these images may plant seeds for an awakening, a shift in consciousness through contact with beauty even in the midst of collapse.

If you are interested in participating or offering an opportunity for installation, immersive video projection exhibition and experience please contact me through my website:

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All images in this video are copyright protected and belong exclusively to Copyright © 2021 by Hillary Johnson

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